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Rock Plast - FRP/GRP/GRE Pipe & Fittings

Rock PlastTM is the leading in corrosion control piping system, our FRP pipes are fabricated specially for service in aggressive chemical environment, or where the media must be contamination free.

The Rock PlastTM serves a wide range of blue chip corporations and engineering firms. Developed by professional engineer, specializing in non metallic corrosion materials, the pipe specification exceed to international standard design & manufacturing, ASTM, ASME RTP1, AWWA, BS.

Since 1990, the shareholder beginning in FRP manufacturing to serve domestic and global market. The company become the biggest FRP manufacturing in Indonesia.

At present, we are investing in developing the resources necessary to fabricate FRP Tanks, Pipe, Scrubber & Ducts available today.

Rock PlastTM applies advanced engineering technology to design FRP tanks and product.

Our service are design calculation, raw material selection, fabrication, installation, erection, and testing commissioning.

Each Rock PlastTM is custom engineered to factor in all a customer’s application requirement and performance variables. Provide us with your specification requirement and detail service conditions, our engineering tem would design and fabricate an optimized FRP Pipe system for your specific requirements.

Pipe-Scrubber-Ducting-Stack FRP
PT. Graha Adhi Jaya Abadi is an FRP engineering Company produce variety range size of FRP pipe-scrubber-ducting-stack, pipe available to molded up to 157” diameter.

Rock PlastTM is custom piping system, design & built as customer or service requirements. Custom designed pipe system can optimize the cost performance relationship.

Our Rock PlastTM are designed and qualified according to the major international standard, such as ASTM,AWWA, API, ASME RTP-1,BS, JIS, DIN, ANSI.


  • Fire hydrant line
  • Crude oil conveyance
  • Cooling water
  • Industrial waste
  • Chemical pipe
  • Scrubber, ducting, stack
  • Chlorination system
  • Sea water intake
  • Sea water cooling system
  • Effluent/potable/brine water
  • Irrigation piping
  • Sewer/drainage line

Key feature & benefits

  • Excellent corrosion resistance
    FRP pipe is excellent & will not corrosive from all known and naturally occurring soil, ground water conditions& Chemicals. Because the pipe is inherently corrosion resistant, it is maintenance free, requiring no periodic coating or lining.
  • Electrically inert
    Because FRP pipe are non-metallic, they don’t require any Catodic protection system. Long life and low life-cycle cost. Rock PlastTM have a minimum 50 year design life. Invariably FRP pipe provides owners with the lowest life-cycle costs when compared to conventional pipe such as steel or concrete pipe, due to its long life, and maintenance free and corrosion free service
  • Light weight
    Rock PlastTM FRP pipe are light weight and easy to handle. The weigh ¼ the weight of steel and 1/10 the weight of concrete pipe per foot.
  • Excellent hydraulic characteristic
    The smooth inner bore of Rock PlastTM pipe (Hazen William ‘C’ Factor = 150) results in very low friction losses and reduced pumping lost.

The pipe manufacturing process is continuous helical winding, the helical filament winding machine as use by Rock Plast ;TM is the advanced technology in FRP pipe manufacturing system. Controlled by computerized system is resulting a high Strength and uniform physical properties and close tolerance.

Physical Properties of Rock PlastTM

Property Rock PlastTM Filament Wound FRP Pipe
Specific Gravity 1.9 - 2.1
Tensile Strength, Psi 40000 - 60000
Flexural Strength, Psi 35000 - 50000
Flexural Modulus Of Elasticity, Psi 2.5 - 3.2 x 105
Tensile Modulus of Elasticity, Psi 4.0 - 6.0 x 105
Barcol Hardness, Shore 30 - 45

Rock PlastTM is very selective in using high quality raw material to produce superior FRP products. Materials are carefully selected for each specific application. With its policy, customer and user can enjoy trouble free maintenance and long life investment.