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Dura Coat - FRP Lining & Coating


Dura Coat is constructed by polyester or vinyl ester resin & reinforced layer that composed of chopped strand mat & woven roving

surfacing veil 30 g2/m2 which appllied in the top layer will increase the corrosion resistant of laminate

In the laminate process  be cured with catalyst system.

Dura Coat lining provides well protection against leak caused by corrosion & abrasive.

Key Features :

- Low cost
- Long life resistant
- Excellent adhesion strength both to concrete & steel
- High mechanical strength
- Hard & smooth surface
- Simple & fast to apply
- Immersion liquid temperature up to 121˚C
- Excellent corrosion resistant to strong acid & moderate to high alkali.


Applications :

- Lining on chemicals pond

- Lining on Steel Tank/Stainless (SUS 304,SUS 316, SUS 316L)

- Lining on Industrial Plant Floor

- Lining on Chemical Trench