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Building Storage Tank Solution
14 May 2010

The common problem to arrange water storage needs at building project are limitation space place, and load factor.

How to manage the space and reduce load is important think to do.

To answer the above needs, BIO Panel - FRP Panel Tank or popular with Panel Tank is the reasonable and right choice to solve the problems.

BIO Panel constructed by each piece FRP Panel 1 meter x 1 meter, or to accomodate the size space, BIO panel size available in 1/2 x 1/2 and 1 x 1/2 per panel. no limitation to install BIO panel at the roof building and limited room.

 Others advantage of BIO panel is light weight, so suitable to place it at the roof building.

Common think is how to avoid the leakge? Inside Bio panel installed stiffener pipe pole to withstand the hydrostatic load pressure. More than stiffener, Bio Panel connection to be overlay laminate at every  connection point. Make the  tank solid and no leakage, and our priority is to guarantee it.


Bio Panel - First and Right Choice to solve the Storage System.